Ask for a Written Quote from ​​green carpet cleaning newport beach

Some companies will quote you over the phone but will send you the invoice in a separate email, if this is the case, make sure that you keep the invoice because it will be one of the first things you will be asked to sign.

This is an important step as it not only gives you an idea of what the company’s pricing structure is but also an idea of their services, you also have the opportunity to ask questions if you have any concerns.

Check the Equipment Used

Some companies will be happy to have you visit their van to view the equipment they use, but most will not, this is fine, but you need to be sure the equipment is the same as the one when the company sends their staff to your home.

You will be given a tour of the van, be shown the different areas that will be cleaned, and be given a copy of the quote with the equipment included. If you are not 100% that the equipment is the same as when they were sent to your home, call the company and ask them to send someone out to make sure it is the same.

Ask About the Process Used

Carpet cleaning companies will often get a bad rap for using harsh chemicals and damaging your carpet or rugs, therefore, you need to ask them about the process they use. What sort of solution is used, what percentage of the solution, and how long do they leave it on the carpet? You also have the right to find out if any rugs or upholstery are being cleaned.

Hire only Licensed Professionals

One of the most important things to consider is if the green carpet cleaning newport beach you are hiring has a license.

Any professional that is not licensed cannot legally carry out their services, that means that if they are not licensed, you are hiring someone who does not have a license and who could potentially damage your home. If you are hiring a company that is not licensed, you need to be extra careful and double-check their credentials. 

Final words

Professional carpet cleaning can help you keep your carpets clean and damage-free. The right company will use the proper tools to clean your carpets and use the appropriate cleaning solution to remove dirt and dust.

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